Bana ne denizlerden ne insanlardan ne de hayvanlardan bahsetti. Guadix’den değil ama şehrin eteklerindeki üç portakal ağacından bahsetti: “O ağaçlara dikkat et, haritada yerlerini güzelce işaretle.” Bu üç portakal ağacı haritada Sierra Nevada’dan daha çok yer kaplıyordu sanki. Bana Lorca’dan değil ama Lorca yakınlarındaki basit bir çiftlikten, canlı bir çiftlikten, çiftçiden ve eşinden bahsetti. Bizden bin beş yüz kilometre uzaktaki bu çift evrensel bir değer kazanıyordu. Fener bekçileri gibi, dağın eteğine yerleşmiş bu çift yıldızların altında insanların yardımına koşmaya hazır bekliyordu.

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Many of my friends were off on the road for almost ten day long mid-season holiday when it suddenly hit me: as a college student this was going to be my last spring break. I could have bought a last minute ticket to Berlin and freshen up some memories but the yellow couch and the spirit of an old cat lady outweighed for the first time than the vagabond side of me. Thus, last week I chose to be the lazy ass spring breaker together with my spare time happily ever after. This is my stream of consciousness that has spent its days at the minimum concern ever. They teach to silence self in spiritual takeouts because if you let yourself go peacefully without going insane when you are alone than you can survive either in the desert or in the jungle.
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Almost 23 years ago I was born into a world made out of blue from the blankets and clothes to my crib with tiny devil’s eyes on it.
My parents’ doctor may have skipped one of his classes at the med school thus he made it clear from what he saw in the ultrasound that I was a boy not a girl.
23 years later in another room I was in my bed surrounded with blue pillows, looking at the blue walls while wearing my favorite socks which were ehm… blue.
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What is the incidence behind our loving for vintage? I was holding a photograph of my uncle and his friends and thinking about those were the coolest times when people really knew how to love, care and have fun with tailored clothes and chouchou sayings. When they just don’t give up because they already knew there’s nothing more unique than what they have already had.
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c r u ı s e r

Until the past few months one of my greatest fears was about a two wheeled monster, bicycle… It was a sunny evening in spring when I was riding my bicycle while at the same time singing the Queen song and suddenly had a problem with the brake adjustments and started to go down from the hill. The rest was a mess.
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